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We love getting fan letters, so we're returning the favor for Day 2 of 30 Days of Flight. We're rewarding fan, Qunicy Brown, with a fan letter from the cast and crew of WICKED, to show you how much we appreciate all of the fans that reach out to us. We're your biggest fan, too! 

Fan Letter Transcript:
To Whom It May Concern,

I discovered WICKED about two years ago, and since then it has become my all time favorite show! It is so wonderfully written and the score is just beautiful! It makes me sad that I only just learned about this amazing show two years ago! Can you imagine how much more my life would have been benefited if I had learned about it when it first opened!? This show has changed my life! It has given me the strength to be myself, and given my man new chances to make some amazing friends! It’s no surprise that WICKED is one of the most successful shows on Broadway! If you have any handy, I would love a signed playbill or photo! I really want something to put up on my wall to remind me of my favorite musical!

Thank you so much!
-Quincy Brown

Fan Letter Response:
Dear Quincy,

We discovered you when we received your touching letter and since then you have quickly become one of our favorite fans. We love your enthusiasm and humor. We’re sad that we only learned o f you so recently! Imagine all of the wonderful moment we could have shared if we had met sooner. Your passion for this show fills us with warmth and we want you to know that fans like you leave a handprint on our heart. WICKED joins so many people together with an emotional connection. We are glad it has connected us to you.

If it is easy for you, would you send us a signed photo of yourself? We want to hang it on OUR wall.

Your friends,
The cast and crew of WICKED

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