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WICKED is the ultimate experience for any group – students, seniors, tour groups, religious organizations and more. The universal story of friendship, ambition and love is perfect for all ages, with stunning stagecraft and unforgettable songs that speak to everyone.

Make an online reservation now or call 646-289-6885 / 877-321-0020.
Who can purchase group tickets?
  • Groups of 20+ throughout the year
  • Groups of 15+ in September, October, January and February. (Groups of 15+ are available in the Orchestra and Front Mezzanine for all performances)
When are group tickets available?
  • Performances through March 8, 2015.
Are there blackout dates?
  • Certain Saturday evening performances
  • Certain holidays
What other opportunities do you offer for groups?
  • Behind the Emerald Curtain tours
  • Customized workshops (see below)
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or call 646-289-6885 / 877-321-0020
Orchestra and Front Mezzanine
Rear Orchestra
Mid Mezzanine
Rear Mezzanine

On select Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday performances.
Inquire for pricing and availability

Save on wicked weekdays

Get Orchestra seating for just

When you join us at Wednesday matinee and evening performances in January, February, September and October. 20 person minimum for this special offer. Inquire about Rear Orchestra pricing.

Make an online reservation now or call 646-289-6885 / 877-321-0020.

WICKED offers specialized workshops that provide an even deeper experience for your group.
Behind The Emerald Curtain

Behind The Emerald Curtain is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at WICKED run by WICKED cast members. This event is great for die-hard Broadway fans and newcomers alike. Your guides will take you through the creative process of a Broadway show, giving first-hand accounts of the birth of a new musical. 

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Broadway Close Up Talkback

This hour-long talk-back session gives participants the unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with two WICKED Broadway professionals about their journey to Broadway. Groups may request to include an actor, choreographer, lighting designer, producer, stage manager, wardrobe professional, prop master or any one of the other professional careers from Broadway. Participants will have the chance to ask questions, hear backstage stories and learn some of the tricks of the trade. 

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Bullybust/Wicked Anti-Bullying Workshop

We can arrange your school’s very own personalized anti-bullying workshop, in which Broadway performers from the show emphasize the powerful messages of WICKED through a fun-filled event. Participants will become aware of the tools and resources they already possess to be an UPSTANDER in their own communities. This workshop identifies and analyzes the problem of bullying in schools and how the discovery of self‐esteem, self‐worth and awareness of others can be a positive solution to this problem. The actors will also share their personal experiences in school and how they dealt with bullying. 

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Musical Theatre Workshop

This session is taught by Broadway performers from WICKED. Sheet music will be provided to the group, who will then work with a cast member and a pianist learning a segment of "One Short Day". The workshop recreates a true Broadway rehearsal with the participants, who learn the choreography, staging and music directly from the show. In this session they will also be focusing on characterization and each participant will spend time creating their own character in Emerald City. Memorization, quick thinking and listening skills are a key component to this workshop. 

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Choral Workshop

This 2-hour choral workshop geared towards choral groups, musical theatre students and show choirs will take your students into the musical world of WICKED, the Broadway phenomenon that has won over 50 major awards including the Grammy Award and three Tony Awards. Students will learn music and movement from a song in the show and will have the opportunity to perform the piece with professional actors as well as other students from across the country. Then it's off to the matinee performance where Glinda and Elphaba and all the wonderful citizens of Oz bring this heartwarming story to magical life!

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Dance Audition Workshop

For participants interested in dance and have the passion to pursue dance as a career, this workshop will be run as if the participants are auditioning for WICKED. Taught by a cast member from the show, the participants will learn a short dance number and then audition for the instructor. The instructor will give feedback on their audition and help them learn to pick up the steps quickly, show individuality, and give the best audition they can. 

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